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Munday + Cramer’s team comprises experienced architectural surveyors. These experienced professionals carry out pre-planning work, condition surveys, 3D modelling work and much, much more. In the architectural world, surveying covers a broad range of disciplines; all of which are crucial in their own ways and for their own reasons. An architectural survey, in its simplest form, helps establish the measurements of a property. However, the remit of architectural surveyors extends far beyond simply this. Without the recommendations or guidance of a talented surveyor, most projects wouldn’t get off the ground. They are usually involved throughout a project in some capacity or another. From design through to construction, and then finally, management.

Architectural Design: What Is BREEAM And Why Is It So Important?

The built environment is shaped by its regulatory frameworks and assessments; rules, guidance and standards that, in being met, ensure that buildings around the world are designed and constructed in the most efficient and sustainable way possible, not just from an environmental perspective, but from a socio-political standpoint as well. There’s one assessment method more than any other, however, that’s helped divert the previously often muddied waters of the built environment towards a greener, cleaner future – and that’s BREEAM. The team here at Munday + Cramer, a leading Essex-based architectural design and building surveying firm, wanted to explore this […]

A leaf and droplet to represent greener architectural design.

Architectural Design Through The Ages: Part 3 (Modern)

Superlatives are bandied about nowadays with careless abandon, their impact and value somewhat lessened by their overly-frequent usage. When it comes to modern architectural styles, however, you’ll find that superlatives are still very much appropriate. Contemporary architectural design (from the turn of the 20th century to present day) includes some of the most innovative, most provocative and most daring structures ever to have been conceived. Some of the styles we’ll cover in this post built on the rules laid down by their forebears. Others, however, ripped up the rule book entirely. All of them, however, left their own distinct mark […]