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Architecture for Dentists: 3 Key Considerations for This Type of Project

Every architecture project is different, with varying considerations based on both functional and aesthetic needs. As such, it’s always important to work with a team who has experience within your particular sector. Looking for a specialist to help with architecture for dentists? We’re here to help! In today’s blog post, our team discusses the 3 most crucial considerations for any dentistry architecture project. Building A Friendly Environment Going to the dentist can often be quite an uncomfortable experience for many. Research suggests that 1 in 20 people in the UK have health anxiety, and this number is set to rise. […]

Image of a dentist at work to introduce our blog titled 'architecture for dentists'.

5 Considerations for Church Architecture

There is always a lot to consider with any design project. However, when it comes to church architecture, this is even further exacerbated. Many places of worship that already exist have stood for so long that they are now listed buildings. This in itself creates a plethora of limitations when it comes to extending or renovating. Furthermore, even the process of building a brand new church brings with it lots of different key considerations. 5 Considerations for Church Architecture Here at Munday and Cramer, we have played a part in many architecture projects taking place within places of worship. As […]

Image of church architecture

Care Home Architecture: Finding a Balance Between Aesthetics and Functionality

When designing any building, there are two key things to consider – aesthetics and functionality. The same is true for care home architecture. This being said, finding the right balance between the two is easier said than done. In today’s blog post, we explore 4 key considerations for these kinds of projects… 4 Considerations for Care Home Architecture Safeguarding Features When running or managing a care home, you have a duty of care for the people who are living within the facility. With this in mind, during the care home architecture process, security and safeguarding need to be a key […]

Example of care home architecture

Famous Architecture and Design in London

At Munday + Cramer, we’re often asked whether there’s a difference between architecture and design. By definition, architecture is “the art and practice of designing and making buildings.” As such, architecture is itself a design journey – but the process also focuses on the functional and regulatory requirements as well as aesthetics. This question led to our team discussing some of the best-known buildings that incorporate innovative architecture and design across the UK’s capital. Iconic British Buildings Britain has many landmarks that it’s known for, particularly across the London skyline. These span many centuries of architectural movements. Key examples include: […]

Image of the O2 Arena, an example of famous architecture and design

Modular Design Explained

Architecture is a vast and varied landscape, with hundreds of different design styles to choose from. In addition to aesthetics, you must always consider your needs when it comes to choosing an architecture style for your build. Interested in knowing more about modular design and what this entails? Keep reading to hear about its many benefits. What is Modular Design? Modular architecture is a type of architecture style that ensures each different component, or room, in a building are independent. As such, it is possible to move each module of the build without having to move the entire congregation. They […]

Example of Modular Design

RIBA Qualified Architects: How Munday + Cramer Can Help With Your Next Project

When it comes to choosing an architecture practise to work with you on your next project, the competition is vast. With this in mind, making a decision is no easy feat. If one thing is for sure, however, you should always ensure you are choosing RIBA qualified architects. Here’s why… What Does RIBA Stand For? Starting with the basics, RIBA stands for the ‘Royal Institute of British Architects’. This is a professional body that is responsible for “driving excellence in architecture”. They are involved in approving over 230 programmes across the UK, to ensure people entering the industry are trained […]

Image of RIBA qualified architects at work

Brutalist architecture in Britain: What are the main characteristics?

Known for its austere aesthetic and raw concrete, Brutalist architecture became a mainstay of new buildings in post-war Britain. In more recent times, Brutalism has become unpopular with the modern British public. Many demolition campaigns have targeted Brutalist buildings as they haven’t aged well over the years, adding a dystopic appearance to the UK’s landscape. Is this a fair assessment of an architectural style that was intended to symbolise a new age of socialistic ideals? History In the aftermath of World War II – with towns and cities devastated by sustained aerial bombardment – the UK faced the challenge of […]

Example of Brutalist architecture

Tudor Style House: The Main Characteristics of Tudor Architecture

When it comes down to the Tudor style house, this type of architecture is much loved by everyone. Particularly popular here in the UK and in Northern America, the characteristics of these builds are truly timeless. What’s more, they’re arguably more distinctive than any other build style. The History of Tudor Architecture It should come as no surprise that the Tudor architecture was established during the Tudor period that ran from 1485-1603. This style was the last of all medieval architecture in England and Wales. Some specialists even say that this introduced Renaissance architecture to the United Kingdom, broadening our […]

Image of a Tudor style house

Architectural Styles: Which Will Work Best For My Home?

For many people, the opportunity to build your home from the ground up is a dream come true. Designing your property exactly how you want it, down to the last detail. It’s exciting! With so much creative freedom, however, deciding between architectural styles can be a challenge. After all, it’s not something you’ll be able to change with ease. As such, it’s important that you know your options.  Popular architectural styles for new home builds Gothic Gothic architectural styles evoke the design choices of medieval cathedrals dating back as far as the Middle Ages. Trademarks of the gothic style include […]

Example of the gothic architecture styles

Architects in Essex: Tips for Planning Permission

As architects in Essex, we know the planning permission process better than most. We’ve been helping our clients secure the go ahead for their projects for over 40 years. When you’re proposing a large-scale project, the planning process can be gruelling and costly. It’s in these instances that professional guidance is so vital if you want to succeed. Knowing where to start can be tricky, with lots of different things to consider throughout the process. Below, our architects in Essex have shared a few of their top tips for a successful planning permission application. Knowing the different types of planning […]

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