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Funding for Schools: What’s available 

Based in Essex, Munday + Cramer is home to a team of experts in many fields. One area we are particularly specialised in is securing government funding for schools in the UK. Navigating Government schemes alone can be tricky. It’s for this reason that so many education providers enlist the help of our bid writers. We have been able to aid hundreds of clients with their applications for much needed financial support. Not only has this enabled them to focus on what they do best but it’s also improved the service they provide for their students too. 


What types of funding are available?

There are lots of different types of funding for schools out there. Below, our team have detailed a couple of the main ones to remember: 


Public Sector Decarbonisation Fund (PSDS)

PSDS is a funding scheme that supports the Government’s goal of reducing public sector emissions by 75% by 2037. Should your application be successful, you will be issued a grant that can be used to fund heat decarbonisation. You can also use this for other energy efficiency improvement projects. 

Whilst applications for Phase 3b closed in October, it’s expected that Phase 4 will open for new applicants sometime in the New Year. 


Condition Improvement Fund (CIF)

CIF is one of the most common types of funding for schools and is used to improve the condition of education facilities. Project examples include replacing old boilers with more sustainable options, repairs to roofing, and expansion projects. 

In the last round of CIF, the ESFA (Education and Skills Funding Agency) granted £498 million across 1,129 schools around the UK. 

Stand-alone academies, sixth form colleges, and schools with a signed academy order are all eligible for CIF. What’s more, you can also apply for this kind of funding if you’re a MAT or VA school with fewer than 5 schools or 3,000 pupils. 


Urgent Capital Support (UCS)

UCS is similar to CIF but applies to condition issues that need urgent attention and without this, may result in a school closure. You still need to apply for UCS and this will only be considered if the matter requires immediate funding and cannot wait until the next Condition Improvement Fund round. 

Schools may apply for Urgent Capital Support if they are not already receiving SCA and are facing issues that pose an immediate threat to the safety of pupils. 


T Level’s Capital Fund (TLCF)

As many of you will know, T Levels are a new type of qualification that are beginning to be rolled out in colleges across the UK. As these courses are quite hands-on, they often require special set ups and areas for teaching. For instance, a Hair and Beauty T Level would require a salon to be specially designed and implemented to facilitate the course. 

TLCF is a type of funding granted by the Government to help colleges facilitate these courses. Should you be successful, this money should go towards building the relevant set ups needed for students to carry out their studies. 


How do I go about applying for funding for schools?

Each scheme has a different application process, and these are usually time-consuming and demanding. Nevertheless, despite the level of work required, funding can and will be life-changing for your school. 

Given how strict and tedious the application process often is, many schools look to professional bid writers, like Munday + Cramer, for their support. Using our background in architecture, surveying, facilities, procurement, and project management, we are able to create a comprehensive application, boosting your chance of success. Once funding has then been granted, should you need us to, we can carry out the relevant work. Not only does this keep the process streamlined but it also minimises to input needed from you. 


Contacting Munday + Cramer

If you’re in need of support with your application for funding for schools, our team of experts are here to help! As professional and experienced bid writers in Essex, we know exactly what you need to be including within your applications. What’s more, we’ve also been successful in gaining financial backing for lots of education providers up and down the country. 

To reach our team of specialists, give us a call today on 01245 326 200. You can also click here for more ways to get in touch!