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M+C’s charity sky dive for GOSH

In what seems to be fast becoming an annual event; Architectural Director Phil Ruffle is again tackling a challenge for charity. Following Phil’s [questionable] success with last year’s Movember attempt, he’s now volunteered for a tandem charity sky dive.

One of M+C’s regular building contractor’s Davis Construction are organising the event, which will take place on Friday 30th September. Along with staff from a number of other local businesses, Phil will jump at 13,000 and place all his trust in his instructor to open the parachute at the right time!

All of the funds raised will go to the Great Ormond Street Hospital’s Children’s Charity (GOSH).Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity Charity Sky Dive The world-renowned Great Ormond Street Hospital relies on donations to continue its investment in critical research, life saving equipment, and patient and family support.

To motivate Phil even more, any donations and support from friends, clients and colleagues will be most gratefully received. Whether you choose to donate for the children, or just because you’d like to watch Phil suffer; please donate whatever you can to support this amazing cause. A JustGiving page has been set up and can be found here: Phil’s Charity Sky Dive JustGiving Page.