Munday and Cramer

67% increase in successful CIF bids for Academies

Munday + Cramer have continued and expanded on their successes from the past three years in developing successful CIF bids for Academy schools across the region. This year’s recent announcements have seen M+C beat their record, scoring successful CIF bids amounting to just under £12,000,000 of work to be completed in 2016/7.

The Condition Improvement Fund is allocated by the Education Funding Authority (EFA); to Academies for the maintenance and improvement of school facilities. The work is assessed by the EFA following a bidding process whereby M+C support the academies with technical input for the schemes including building surveying and architectural work. In line with central government’s guidance, the greatest focus for funding was placed on health and safety and compliance issues; ensuring that schools remain safe.

Across the UK, some 3,500 bid applications were received by the EFA, with just 1,276 being approved to receiving their share of the £435m in funding. Munday + Cramer successfully secured around 2.75% of the total fund for clients across Essex, Kent, Thurrock and London. In Thurrock alone, M+C secured 60% of the area’s CIF bids. This year’s workload sees a 67% increase in secured funds over last year’s funding round; a resounding success for all involved.

Again, the CIF process has become increasingly competitive. This trend is expected to continue following the Government’s recent announcements that all English schools will have to convert to Academy status by 2020.