Munday and Cramer

A Close Shave For Munday + Cramer (Or Not…)

Despite his colleague’s better judgement, Architectural Director Phil Ruffle has decided to again take part in this year’s ‘Movember’. This annual month-long charity event sees men from all over the world allowing their moustache’s to grow proudly to raise both funds and awareness for men’s health issues; with particular focus on prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health issues.

Now in its eleventh year, the Movember community has raised £346 million to date and funded over 800 programmes in 21 countries. This work is saving and improving the lives of men affected by prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health problems.

Phil is hoping his own efforts will not go unnoticed, whilst also helping to raise funds and a few smiles…


  • Albert Einstein had a moustache for over 50 years
  • Groucho Marx for many years wore a fake moustache of greasepaint on stage and film, then grew a real one later in life
  • The first artefact that shows a moustache dates back to 300 B.C. and depicts an ancient Iranian horseman with a thick black moustache
  • The world’s longest moustache is believed to be a 14ft monster belonging to Ram Singh Chauhan of Rajastan, India, who regularly massages it with mustard and coconut oil to keep it healthy
  • Women are more attracted to men with Moustaches. Fact.
  • In a deck of cards, the King of Hearts is the only king not to have a moustache
  • Police in a district in India’s Madhya Pradesh state are being paid to grow moustaches because bosses believe it makes them command more respect
  • A one month old moustache is capable of holding approximately 30ml of liquid or around 10% of a glass of beer before leaking its contents down the face of the owner
  • Salvador Dalí published a book dedicated solely to his moustache
  • On average a man with a moustache touches it 760 times a day
  • There are between 10,000 and 20,000 hairs on a man’s face
  • In Eureka, Nevada, USA, it is illegal for men who have moustaches to kiss women.

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