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Architectural Design Through The Ages: Part 1 (The Ancient World)

Over the past few thousands of years, there have been countless architectural design styles, worldwide. I’m sure we can all cast our minds back to primary school where we first learnt about the Ancient Egyptians and their mind-boggling feats of innovation with the Pyramids. Whilst the offices and school buildings of today’s world may seem like a far cry from those pyramidal monuments of old, many of the architectural principles still in use today were first pioneered by those ancient civilisations all those centuries ago. With that in mind, here at Munday + Cramer we wanted to take a look […]

The pyramids are one of the greatest ever examples of human ingenuity and architectural design.

UK Government Announce Planning System Overhaul

Last week, the Government outlined new plans to change planning permission laws in the UK, in a newly published white paper, titled Planning For The Future. The broad strokes of the plans revolve around a total reform, or overhaul, of the UK planning system. The announcements have already proved quite contentious. The plans have potentially huge implications for the way in which the architectural, property and construction industries operate in the UK. Here at Munday + Cramer, whose building surveying services include planning permission guidance, wanted to look at what’s been outlined, who it affects and how the news has […]

Planning advice forms part of our building surveying services. The picture depicts a graphical plan.

Architectural Design: The Complexities Of Designing Healthcare Spaces

There are few sectors where duty-of-care (and the responsibility that lies therein) is as important as within the healthcare sector. Compliance, from a health and safety perspective, is already crucial when designing a space, but when you factor in that said built environment is going to be used by people who are already potentially at more risk, from a health point of view, then the regulations in place, surrounding the design and installation of healthcare buildings, understandably have to be all the more stringent. Here at Munday + Cramer, we’ve provided architectural design services for various healthcare projects, over the […]

Medical equipment to represent architectural design within healthcare.

What Are T-Levels And Why Are They Important?

Every once in a while, the education sector sees a landmark change or addition. Something that’s brought in with the intention of improving, both the students’ experience, and their chances of employment beyond school. The Government’s introduction of T-Levels is one such change. These new qualifications, which are somewhat similar to A-Levels, though more vocationally focused, are initially being wheeled out from this September, with further T-Level qualifications being introduced in 2021, 2022 and 2023. The team here at Munday + Cramer, who offer bid applications in Essex, Kent, Norfolk, Suffolk and London, wanted to look at the qualifications in […]

A workshop, the sort which may be in use for the Government's new vocationally focused T-Level qualifications.

CIF Funding Put To Work At Chatham Grammar School, In Kent.

As a practice, there are few things more satisfying than when a client, for whom we’ve secured a successful bid application, gets to put that hard-earned capital to use in their school. That’s been the case at Chatham Grammar School, in Kent, who with Munday + Cramer’s help, successfully secured £2.3M of CIF funding, back in 2019. The school broke ground recently, putting the wheels of months’ worth of work firmly into motion. What Is Ground-Breaking? The process of ground-breaking isn’t particularly groundbreaking, we’re afraid! It’s a term used in construction circles when physical construction work begins on a project. […]

CIF funding enabled Chatham Grammar to break ground on their project recently.

How Has Technology Changed Architectural Design In Recent Times?

The history of architecture, globally, has been an illustrious one. Over the past centuries and millennia, humanity has created some truly breath-taking feats of architecture. There’s a reason, after all, that there are Seven Wonders of the Ancient World! But you don’t have to look back as far as the pyramids to see changes within the field. In the last one hundred years, alone, there have been a huge number of advances in architectural design. Many of them have pertained to the kinds of technology being used. In fact, according to a study conducted between Microsoft and the RIBA, 87% […]

VR is one of the emerging architectural design technologies.

Munday + Cramer’s Successful 2020 CIF Bid Applications

The application outcomes for this year’s Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) bids were announced this week. Up and down the country, schools and academies, alike, will have been awaiting this news with bated breath. Munday + Cramer has the great pleasure of announcing that they’ve successfully secured around £20 million in funding from this year’s Condition Improvement Fund. This comprises £9.8 million for Essex-based academies, £5.3 million across Buckinghamshire schools and £2.3 million across the county of Kent. Munday + Cramer also successfully secured bid applications in London and Bedfordshire, as well. The funding that we’ve secured will be making its […]

Confetti coming out of a glass, signifying the celebratory mood after successful CIF bid applications.

The Importance Of Space Design And Flow in Architectural Design

Never have we been made as aware of space and our proximity to one another as we have recently. This has been entirely thanks to COVID-19. Even as social distancing measures relax, the safety of space will likely remain at the forefront of everything we do. This will no doubt continue to be the norm for the foreseeable future. Effective space planning, however, is key to any architectural design, whether virus-related or not. When it comes to implementing space planning into architectural settings, the reference point for many people is the kitchen work triangle or kitchen triangle rule. For those […]

an architect at work on a design brief

Five Ways To Improve Workplace Health And Safety Standards

Here at Munday + Cramer, we recently penned a piece on adhering to updated health and safety measures upon returning to work post-lockdown. As National Safety Month rolls on, however, it’s important to be clued into health and safety best practices, more generally, for when the pandemic is firmly in our rear-view mirrors. Working in facilities management, we’ve learned that there are myriad ways in which workplace health and safety can be improved. Some of these may seem startlingly obvious, and yet you’d be surprised at how few workplaces actually implement them. With that in mind, we’ve compiled an overview […]

Facilities Management: Five Ways To Improve Workplace Health And Safety Standards

How To Uphold New Workplace Safety Standards According To Munday + Cramer

With the nation approaching the end of the lockdown, at least provisionally, to which it’s found itself subjected, it seems that there could hardly have been a more appropriate time for this year’s National Safety Month to have come. Despite the Government’s best efforts to allay fears, through the publishing of new official guidance and workplace standards, employers and employees alike remain concerned, and understandably so. Never has such importance been placed on workplace hygiene and safety, nor have the stakes ever been as high should there be a failure to adhere to said standards. If one thing’s for certain, […]

Our Facilities Management Firm's Advice On Returning To Work