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Chartered Surveyor Degree Apprenticeship

It’s no longer the case that a degree guarantees an easy pathway into the world of work. For many employers, experience comes above all else. What’s more, apprenticeships are seen to be the solution to this. Now, however, there is the concern that apprentices aren’t getting the same level of educational training that’s provided by universities. But what if there was something that combined the best of both apprenticeships and a university degree for aspiring surveyors? That’s where a chartered surveyor degree apprenticeship comes in.  How does a Chartered Surveyor Degree Apprenticeship work? Established back in 2015, degree apprenticeships have […]

Image of a chartered surveyor degree apprenticeship application form

Do I Really Need a Structural Surveyor?

Buying a property will likely be the largest financial investment you make in your lifetime. As such, it’s important you feel confident in your decision. Your home should be both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound. But how can you be certain that the building you’re eyeing up doesn’t conceal any hidden dangers beneath its surface? For most people, employing a structural surveyor to assess the building’s quality is the way to go. But what does this actually consist of?  What is a Structural Survey? A structural survey is essentially an investigation on the condition of the structural elements of a property. […]

Image of a Structural Surveyor

Surveyors in Essex: Your pathway into the career

Going out into the world of work is daunting, no matter who you are. What’s more, for those wanting to become surveyors in Essex, it’s difficult to know where to even begin looking to start your career. Further education is a great place to start when looking at starting a new career. Apprenticeships are becoming a popular choice among those seeking further education as a gateway into a career. In fact, statistics show that university applications have fallen over the last few years. This is likely due to the many amazing alternatives, such as apprenticeships, that are now available. What […]

Image of person studying to become a surveyor in Essex

New EPC Regulations in 2025: Everything you need to know as a landlord

With the news announcing the introduction of new EPC regulations in 2025, landlords are eager to know how this is going to impact them financially. Finding the right information online can be tricky. So that you can properly prepare for what’s to come, our team have broken this down below. What is an EPC rating? EPC stands for ‘Energy Performance Certificate’. This is a document that details how environmentally friendly a property is. Usually, your score will be determined during a home or commercial survey. There are 7 ratings from A-G, with ‘A’ being the most efficient. EPC ratings were […]

Image of cosy living room with good EPC rating.