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M+C is proud to boast an extensive CV of successful bid applications when it comes to funding and grants. Schemes such as CIF and Salix Loans, for example. Our work over the years has meant that schools, medical practices and leisure facilities could all have work carried out, proving vital to their survival and operation. The key to successful bid applications lies in the technical content of the application itself. The expertise, which a firm such as ours provides, is crucial in composing an application of real quality. Only the best applications are being selected in what is an increasingly competitive sector. To be successful, you must be prepared and proactive.

How to Improve the Likelihood of Successful Bid Applications

The Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) can be a game-changer for schools and academies looking to renovate at-risk or outdated buildings. Competition to gain this funding, however, is fierce. In fact, only 19% of the 4,547 institutions eligible for CIF funding experienced successful bid applications in 2023. It’s not surprising that the success rate is this low. Bid applications are an incredibly tricky and time-consuming process, with so many different hoops to jump through. Of course, you’ll want to do everything to ensure your bid application’s success, but how can you increase your chances?  What is the Condition Improvement Fund (CIF)? […]

Image to depict a successful bid application

CIF Funding Put To Work At Chatham Grammar School, In Kent.

As a practice, there are few things more satisfying than when a client, for whom we’ve secured a successful bid application, gets to put that hard-earned capital to use in their school. That’s been the case at Chatham Grammar School, in Kent, who with Munday + Cramer’s help, successfully secured £2.3M of CIF funding, back in 2019. The school broke ground recently, putting the wheels of months’ worth of work firmly into motion. What Is Ground-Breaking? The process of ground-breaking isn’t particularly groundbreaking, we’re afraid! It’s a term used in construction circles when physical construction work begins on a project. […]

CIF funding enabled Chatham Grammar to break ground on their project recently.

Munday + Cramer’s Successful 2020 CIF Bid Applications

The application outcomes for this year’s Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) bids were announced this week. Up and down the country, schools and academies, alike, will have been awaiting this news with bated breath. Munday + Cramer has the great pleasure of announcing that they’ve successfully secured around £20 million in funding from this year’s Condition Improvement Fund. This comprises £9.8 million for Essex-based academies, £5.3 million across Buckinghamshire schools and £2.3 million across the county of Kent. Munday + Cramer also successfully secured bid applications in London and Bedfordshire, as well. The funding that we’ve secured will be making its […]

Confetti coming out of a glass, signifying the celebratory mood after successful CIF bid applications.

Beginners Guide to ACMF Funding

Another round of ACMF bid applications is looming large in the next term. Academies across the UK should be looking to their estates, development plans and condition surveys now in order to prepare. Des Shillingford; Business Manager of the Stanford and Corringham School’s Trust is fast becoming a seasoned professional; successfully securing funding for three significant schemes at his first attempt working alongside Munday + Cramer in round 1 earlier in the year. Stanford and Corringham School’s Trust Mr Shillingford is coming to the education sector from a wider commercial background. ACMF funding is a new, yet critical part of […]

Beginners Guide to ACMF Funding