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Commercial EPC Ratings

As people continue to look for new ways to maximise their home’s energy efficiency, it’s no surprise that commercial EPC ratings have become an increasingly important consideration. After all, they provide homeowners and developers alike with vital information surrounding the building’s overall energy performance. With this, areas in which energy efficiency can be improved are identified, assisting with government compliance, all whilst reducing bills. But what does this all mean?  What are Commercial EPC Ratings? If you weren’t already aware, EPC stands for ‘Energy Performance Certificate’. Essentially, these certificates provide an indication of how much energy a property uses and […]

Image to depict the importance of commercial EPC ratings and energy efficiency around the home

New EPC Regulations in 2025: Everything you need to know as a landlord

With the news announcing the introduction of new EPC regulations in 2025, landlords are eager to know how this is going to impact them financially. Finding the right information online can be tricky. So that you can properly prepare for what’s to come, our team have broken this down below. What is an EPC rating? EPC stands for ‘Energy Performance Certificate’. This is a document that details how environmentally friendly a property is. Usually, your score will be determined during a home or commercial survey. There are 7 ratings from A-G, with ‘A’ being the most efficient. EPC ratings were […]

Image of cosy living room with good EPC rating.