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The key to any CIF bid is the technical content of the application. Proactivity and collaboration also help, but professional application support is vital. The necessity for such support is two-fold. Firstly, application guidelines and requirements are constantly updated by the Government, meaning, therefore, that you need professionals who keep abreast of such changes. Secondly, CIF bid applications comprise a lot of technical jargon and rhetoric. Language that, unless you’re a trained professional, can be hard to make head or tail of. Our application experts have secured millions of pounds’ worth of funding over the past few years; and our firm is only going from strength to strength.

Munday + Cramer’s Successful 2020 CIF Bid Applications

The application outcomes for this year’s Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) bids were announced this week. Up and down the country, schools and academies, alike, will have been awaiting this news with bated breath. Munday + Cramer has the great pleasure of announcing that they’ve successfully secured around £20 million in funding from this year’s Condition Improvement Fund. This comprises £9.8 million for Essex-based academies, £5.3 million across Buckinghamshire schools and £2.3 million across the county of Kent. Munday + Cramer also successfully secured bid applications in London and Bedfordshire, as well. The funding that we’ve secured will be making its […]

Confetti coming out of a glass, signifying the celebratory mood after successful CIF bid applications.