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ESFA Funding: The Next Round Of CIF Funding

When it comes to state school funding, resources are few and far between. As such, schemes such as CIF are more important than ever before. ESFA funding remains very limited, with only a handful of educational facilities being granted this backing annually. Due to the above, submitting a faultless bid is crucial for the survival of your school. Who Are The ESFA?  The ESFA are a department within the government that deal with the allocation of funding within the education and skills sector. This acronym stands for the Education and Skills Funding Agency. The ESFA was once split into two […]

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CIF Guidance 2024/2025

The Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) can provide vital funding to help ensure schools and academic buildings are up to standard. Due to the high demand for this funding, however, approximately only one third of applicants are successful each year. Only applications that address priority improvements whilst closely aligning with the CIF guidance will be successful. Although the 2024/2025 round is yet to be confirmed, it’s never too early to start considering your bid. Here’s a quick roundup of everything you need to know!  Who Can Apply? Depending on their size and type of institution, schools can either be eligible for […]

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Salix Funding: Funding Options for the Public Sector

With global warming continuing to become a growing concern, businesses and individuals alike are making changes to lower their carbon footprint. This being said, many companies lack the money required to make these crucial modifications. This makes prioritising the environment tricky. As such, Salix funding and other schemes have been introduced to help. What is a Carbon Footprint? A carbon footprint is a measurement for the amount of greenhouse gases that are produced by our actions. Namely, carbon dioxide and methane. It helps individuals and businesses to be more aware of the impact they are having on the planet. Moreover, […]

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