Munday and Cramer

Environmental Design

With continued global focus on the environment, Munday + Cramer have invested heavily in training, systems and technology that ensures that each of our designs offers the best practicable solution in environmental design terms. As part of the development of design briefs, we review the legislative requirements in place. We also match this with the anticipated functionality of the building, construction techniques and methodology to ensure the environmental performance of the building.

This approach to environmental design is taken within any scheme, and we vehemently believe this approach should be integral to all architectural design, and not merely a bolt-on, box-ticking service.

For new-build homes, whilst The Code for Sustainable Homes remains a voluntary scheme, many local authorities are now requiring the code to be met as a condition of achieving Planning Permission. These environmental planning schemes are becoming increasingly prevalent. To meet this requirement, Munday + Cramer have become experts on the code and have worked on numerous sustainable home projects. This makes us the perfect partner to provide assessments and enhancements to pre-existing designs or as part of the overall design process.