St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School – Roofing Works

Key Facts:

Client Name: St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School
Location: Tilbury, Essex
Type of client: Secondary Academy
Services provided by M+C: Bid Funding Preparation/Submission (LCVAP) | Building Surveying |  Procurement | Project Management
Value: £86,767
Contractor: Mitie Tilley Roofing
M+C Lead: Rob Barr

St Mary’s is a medium-sized Catholic primary school located in the busy port town of Tilbury, Essex. The school has a long connection with the parish church; ‘Our Lady Star of the Sea’ and also with the Sisters of Mercy; whose Convent adjoins the school. The school was built in  in 1887.

As with any building, roofing works remain a constant source of activity. With the school’s roofs nearing the end of their useful life, the time had come for their replacement. Because of the school’s age and history, elements of the roofing also featured Asbestos, therefore now requiring removal.

Since St. Mary’s is a Voluntarily Aided school, LCVAP funding provided a useful source of capital funds to undertake the roofing works. M+C were able to offer support in secure investment due to their extensive experience in the funding field. A comprehensive procurement process ensured value for money; local contractor Mitie Tilley Roofing secured the scheme.

Ordinarily, this size of the scheme would be delivered over a single phase. Because of the presence of the ACMs however, roofing works had to be completed over two phases. The initial phase was carried out during the summer break, completing the larger volume of works. The more complex phase was undertaken during the following year. ACM-removal was undertaken during half-term, minimising risks to the school. The works were finally completed with the installation of the last of the new roofs. In addition to the replacement roof coverings, new insulation was also provided, allowing the school to benefit from reduced energy costs.