Corringham Primary School – Speech & Language Unit

Key Facts:

Client Name: Corringham Primary School
Location: Corringham, Essex
Type of client: Primary Academy
Services provided by M+C: Building Surveying | Funding Application (ACMF/CIF) | Architectural Design | Procurement | Project Management
Value: £197,000
Contractor: NCC Builders
M+C Lead: Lee Hatwell

Corringham Primary School is a popular primary academy forming part of The Stanford and Corringham Schools Trust. As well as mainstream provision for some 400+ pupils, Corringham Primary School also provide a specialist Speech & Language Unit (SLU). This unit gives aid to students requiring additional support for their disorder of communication or related problems. In addition to supporting Corringham students, the SLU also helps children from across the region.

As part of the school’s estate planning, Munday + Cramer identified a need to replace an ageing, inappropriate demountable unit being used to accommodate the Speech & Language Unit. The incumbent facilities were not fit for purpose; noise being a major issue (a quiet atmosphere being necessary for speech and language work), general conditions were very poor and disabled access was not possible at all.

The proposed design offered a cost-effective solution, extending an existing teaching block in to an underused play area. Two new classrooms, specifically designed with enhanced acoustic properties were provided below benchmark costs. As the extension moved in to the neglected play area, modest hard landscaping was also undertaken to bring a bright, pleasant environment back in to use.

The scheme was identified as a prime candidate for ‘condition’ funding within the CIF scheme from the EFA. Whilst feasibility and design work had already been undertaken by Munday + Cramer, further condition surveys and supporting evidence was collated to enhance the bid to the EFA. A fully tendered project was presented to the EFA, offering a high degree of cost certainty for the scheme. With funding achieved, contract NCC Builders were appointed to delivered the scheme, completing the works and presenting the new classrooms for the start of the new school year.