Benyon Primary School – Roof Replacement

Key Facts:

Client Name: Benyon Primary School
Location: South Ockendon, Essex
Type of client: Primary Academy
Services provided by M+C: Building Surveying | Funding Application (CIF) | Procurement | Project Management
Value: £142,000
Contractor: Acclaim Contracts

Part of the Catalyst Academies Trust, Benyon Primary School in South Ockendon is a popular primary academy. Munday + Cramer have a long-established relationship with the school, providing a wide range of services including building surveying and asset management, maintaining the school’s facilities.

As part of the overall strategic plan for management of the building stock at Benyon Primary School, roof replacement has long been a key agenda item. For the last round of the EFA’s Condition Improvement Fund (CIF), with an increasing frequency of leaks and the roof coverings reaching the end of their expected life, the decision was made to seek funding for roof replacement works.

A range of evidence was collated; including a detailed condition survey, specialist roofing surveys (including details of thermal efficiency) as well as previous Local Authority Asset Management Plans/Condition Surveys (from Thurrock Council) and the EFA‘s own Property Data Survey.

This information identified that the entire roof of the school required replacement. However; to ensure that a realistic programme could be delivered, the decision was taken to prioritise and phase the roof replacement over a number of years. The first phase would take in around 800m2 of the worst performing flat roof coverings, as well as the replacement of all rooflights which were also failing and presented a security risk. This area provided a realistic project that could be completed comfortably within the summer recess period, thus minimising overall impact on the school. A range of roofing options were considered as part of an options appraisal to ensure that the best and most cost-effective solution was utilised within this scheme.

As part of the bid, significant thermal efficiency savings could be made through the roof replacement. Due to the poor quality of insulation and the roof coverings, u-values had risen to nearly 3 W/m2 K. The proposed system would improve the roof’s efficiency to a u-value of 0.18 W/m2 K; a saving of some 93.79%. Making such improvements will generate savings through reduced energy wastage in excess of £7000/year.

Due to the savings achievable, the bid was given increased credibility, enhanced again by utilising a Salix loan in conjunction with the bid submission. This loan is linked directly to the savings, meaning that the school sees no changes in their existing outgoings, but once the loan is repaid (anywhere up to eight years) the savings will be directly seen by the school.

As part of the bid creation, the scheme was fully tendered to offer cost-certainty to the school and EFA. This also meant that as soon as notification of the successful bid was received, Acclaim Contracts could begin planning the works and ensure a timely start to the project in line with the programme. A Langley roofing system was specified, and the works were completed in just 5 weeks, ensuring minimal disruption for the school.