The Importance Of Space Design And Flow in Architectural Design

Never have we been made as aware of space and our proximity to one another as we have recently. This has been entirely thanks to COVID-19. Even as social distancing measures relax, the safety of space will likely remain at the forefront of everything we do. This will no doubt continue to be the norm for the foreseeable future. Effective space planning, however, is key to any architectural design, whether virus-related or not. When it comes to implementing space planning into architectural settings, the reference point for many people is the kitchen work triangle or kitchen triangle rule. For those […]

an architect at work on a design brief

Five Ways To Improve Workplace Health And Safety Standards

Here at Munday + Cramer, we recently penned a piece on adhering to updated health and safety measures upon returning to work post-lockdown. As National Safety Month rolls on, however, it’s important to be clued into health and safety best practices, more generally, for when the pandemic is firmly in our rear-view mirrors. Working in facilities management, we’ve learned that there are myriad ways in which workplace health and safety can be improved. Some of these may seem startlingly obvious, and yet you’d be surprised at how few workplaces actually implement them. With that in mind, we’ve compiled an overview […]

Facilities Management: Five Ways To Improve Workplace Health And Safety Standards

How To Uphold New Workplace Safety Standards According To Munday + Cramer

With the nation approaching the end of the lockdown, at least provisionally, to which it’s found itself subjected, it seems that there could hardly have been a more appropriate time for this year’s National Safety Month to have come. Despite the Government’s best efforts to allay fears, through the publishing of new official guidance and workplace standards, employers and employees alike remain concerned, and understandably so. Never has such importance been placed on workplace hygiene and safety, nor have the stakes ever been as high should there be a failure to adhere to said standards. If one thing’s for certain, […]

Our Facilities Management Firm's Advice On Returning To Work

Sustainable Architecture And Environmental Design On World Environment Day (5th June)

Today marks World Environment Day, an annual celebration that has been going on since 1974 to help raise awareness and to ply pressure for more action to be taken on pressing environmental issues. The day has become more visible year upon year, and nowadays it uses governments, renowned public figures, scientists and even celebrities to amplify the message for a greener future. Ultimately, it helps drive meaningful change, guiding individuals and groups alike towards the adoption of more sustainable practices across a whole host of sectors. Given the alarmingly acute nature of the global climate crisis, the work that this […]

An infographic showing different forms of environmental design.

What Exactly is Project Management, and Why Is It Necessary?

Project management is an incredibly broad term, however in design and construction circles it represents an immensely crucial role. The very success of a project more often than not hinges on the quality of the project manager. A good project manager will effectively collaborate with involved stakeholders, ensure that regulations and compliance checklists are adhered to, as well as tackling any unexpected issues on the project should they arise. A couple of weeks back, we took a deep dive into the architectural design process which, itself, is something intrinsically linked to project management. Now, though, we want to examine the […]

A Gantt chart used for project management.

What Are BIM Levels, And Why Do They Matter To Architects?

Here at Munday + Cramer, our team of architects and CIAT-qualified technicians are proud to boast CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software which meets BIM Level 3. Though this may sound impressive, we’d wager that most people won’t actually understand what this means. So, with that in mind, the following blog is to provide a brief overview of the various BIM Levels and their place within wider UK Government strategy. CAD Software This is software that architects, architectural technicians and engineers utilise to compose highly accurate technical plans and 3D models. With the help of CAD software, architects can design everything from […]

An In-Depth Look At The Architectural Design Process

Given the rate at which some commercial, residential and educational developments seem to be constructed these days, you may be forgiven for thinking that it was a short and easy process. However, in reality, there are various stages to go through before beginning to think about the construction of the project. As is to be expected, the bigger the scheme, the more complex the corresponding design must be in terms of detail and number of people involved. The team here at Munday + Cramer offers architectural design services following RIBA’s eight-stage framework. This blog will focus mainly on the start […]

Architectural Design Process

Recent Funding Changes And What It Means For Bid Applications

The educational landscape has been in flux in recent years. The grants and funding available to establishments very much hinge not only on the type of work needed doing, but on the type of school, itself. As more schools change from one type to another, some funding pots grow whilst others shrink. Throw into that mix significant changes to the funding schemes, themselves, as well as the current situation regarding COVID-19 and you can quickly lose track of what is available to whom, and when it is available. The team here at Munday + Cramer, technical specialists in bid applications […]

Changes to bid applications

The Importance Of Wellbeing Support For Professionals

In recent years, we’ve seen a marked increase in the coverage of mental health issues in the general public discourse. This has been wonderful to see and, speaking plainly, something that was long overdue. After all, mental health is something that’s omnipresent and its associated conditions – anxiety and depression, for example – don’t discriminate when it comes to who they impact. They affect anybody. A person’s mental wellbeing is something that’s impacted upon by many different factors, and ensuring positive mental wellbeing should be paramount within the workplace. Here at Munday + Cramer, whether it be our CIAT-qualified technicians, […]

The Importance Of Wellbeing Support For Professionals Such As Building Surveyors

Unable To Move? Here’s What You Can Do

What with such uncertainty surrounding our lives at the moment, any control that we can take back should be thought of as a massive positive! If, as a country we’re met with something like a recession, it’s good to know what to expect so that you can better prepare yourself and respond proactively should one occur. In economic terms, a recession can be thought of as two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth. When they hit, they bring with them several key impacts. Amongst other things, recessions lead to widespread unemployment, businesses going bankrupt and a significant drop in consumer […]

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